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 ZHA - ZigBee Home Automation Board (Coming in 2015-3Q)

Wireless Automation Made Easy

ZHA is a 14-channel wireless remote control and monitoring board designed to facilitate easy control and monitoring of lighting equipment, HVAC equipment, security and other similar devices in residential and commercial buildings. The wireless operation is based on the ZigBee network architecture with its inherent reliability, security, and wide working range advantages.

In addition to all the features provided by the ProBee/ZigBee wireless networking platform, the ZHA board also includes on-board temperatrure and light sensors. Buffered digital I/O signals are available on an 10-pin header as well as terminal blocks for easy connection to switches, detectors and other sensors. ZHA is also compatible with various power and motor control boards available from Unistep.

When used with the Unistep USM module, ZigBee module can also be accessed thru the USB bus.

ZHA Board comes with a Control Panel application that facilitates testing of the board, manual control of the I/O lines and also learning about ZigBee networking concepts.
This board is also available as a kit for the adventurous hobbyists.

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