Wireless control modules for the industry, science, educators, and the hobbyists
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Our Services...

Our knowledge and experience in various disciplines of electronic circuit design and system engineering is available for application to challenges facing our customers.
The following is partial list: 
  • ZigBee circuit design
  • ZigBee system design
  • Analysis and troubleshooting
  • Analog circuit design
  • Digital and MPU/MCU system and circuit design
  • PCB design and manufacturing
  • Technical documentation
  • Technical Project management
  • Real-time application program design
  • MCU firmware design
  • Communication protocol design
  • Product Development
If your budget does not allow hiring a full-size product development company, there may be cheaper alternatives...
Our MPU-based products (like the ZCI) are also available as 'blank' boards with no firmware loaded or the firmware can be modified (or a new one developed) for your specific application. Please contact us if this is something you'd be interested in looking into...
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Please contact us if you wish to order more than qty 10 of any single item.
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