Wireless control modules for the industry, science, educators, and the hobbyists
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Our Products...

Our products are being brought to life along two main lines:
  • Products intended for use in technical education institutions
  • Wireless control components based on ZigBee technologies
As a company, we have been heavily involved in working with the new ZigBee wireless technologies, almost since the initial days of inception of this very promising technology. Our path of learning along the ZigBee path included consulting, designing circuits, making other designs work, deeper understanding, and manufacturing.
At Unistep, a good portion of our efforts are now focussed on using the ZigBee wireless technologies in industrial control applications. Our goal is to offer functional, robust, and very capable products at a low cost to system builders. We'd like to expand our product lineup to include a wide spectrum of ZigBee applications from data acquisition to Motor control, and from teaching wireless technologies to solar energy management.

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