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"A unique vision to unite theory and hands-on practice in the lab, and still make it interesting and engaging!"
At Unistep we manufacture electronic lab equipment designed specifically as teaching aids for use in the lab sessions of post-secondary technical education institutions. Our products tackle some tough concepts in the areas of Data Communication, Digital Control & Computer Interfacing, Telecommunication Circuits, Wireless Networks, and Analog Signal Processing.
Our design staff includes veteran instructors and engineers alike, to insure that our products receive careful consideration from all angles.

Designed primarily with the needs of the community colleges in mind, our products are also suitable for use in the final year of high schools and early years of technical universities.

We are very much aware of the challenges facing the instructors during lab sessions, and have taken those into consideration while designing our products, such as
  • Robust construction with acrylic base plates and non-slip rubber feet
  • Visibility of all the components and the construction details
  • Flexible power supply requirements
  • "Socketed IC" versions of the boards to facilitate maintenance by lab technicians
  • "Soldered IC" versions to prevent critical IC's from developing new legs that the manufacturer has not built in!
  • Support documents such as "User Manuals" and "Ideas for Experimentation" to assist the instructor in putting the products to use with as little effort as possible 

We are constantly working on new ideas and expanding our product lineup. Please stay tuned for many exciting products coming your way...

Happy teaching …
Unistep Technologies

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