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 ZigBee Wireless I/O Controller
ZCI is a wireless general-purpose controller board based on the ZigBee/ProBee networking technologies. It offers the designer up to 26 flexible I/O channels, practical ‘soft’ peripheral devices, a rich instruction set, easy-to-use user interface, a very capable command processor and many power management options in a small 2.0” x 3.5” footprint.
Board comes with a Control Panel application program that provides a friendly and functional front-end to most of the board functions. It can be used for testing the board and its various functions and also learning how to use the features of the board and the UCP Command Processor built into the firmware.
Each Board can be configured to function as the Coordinator, Router, End Point or Sleepy End Point, and the wireless network can be as large as 64,000 nodes. Mesh network configuration and the robust ZigBee protocol results in a very reliable control network.
Documents and Utility Programs

ZCI Control Panel Application
ZIgBee Configuration Manager Application
ZCI Board at-a-glance... 
  • ZigBee/ ProBee module for long-distance, low-power wireless networking
  • 26 general-purpose digital I/O channels
  • 20 analog input lines with 10-bit accuracy
  • 4 independent DAC output channels with 10-bit accuracy
  • 2 SPI channels with 8,16, or 24-bit frame length support
  •  Full USB port support for configuration, maintenance, and testing
  • Auto-monitor and reporting functions
  • 5 PWM generators with independent duty cycle control
  • 4 Pulse generators with individual duration and period control
  • Wireless network security features
  • Command processor with simple ASCII command interface
  • Powerful command set with over 70 commands
  • Features for monitoring and application-development assistance
  • Adjustable wireless output power and sensitivity
  • Choice of antennas for various RF operating ranges
  • Choice of USB-B or USB Mini-B socket for the USB port
  • Can be powered through the USB port or an external power source
  • On-board 5V LDO regulator for powering external circuits
  • Indicator and status LEDs
  • Non-volatile configuration storage on flash EEPROM
  • Pass-through and transparent  modes for direct ZigBee module access
  • No FCC certification is required; The ZigBee module is already certified
  • RoHS Compliant
Antenna and USB Connector Options
ZCI board is available with different antenna and USB connector options. Built-in chip antenna on the ZigBee module is adequate for most application, but if longer range or an external antenna is required, two models are available with antenna connectors.
The following versions are stocked:
  • Chip Antenna + USB-B Connector  (ZCI-CB-Bxx)
  • Chip Antenna + USB Mini-B Connector  (ZCI-CM-Bxx)
  • Lab Module with Acrylic Chasis + Chip Antenna + USB-B Connector  (ZCI-CB-Lxx)

These have a longer lead time:

  • Reverse SMA Antenna Connector + USB-B Connector  (ZCI-SB-Bxx)
  • Reverse SMA Antenna Connector + USB Mini-B Connector  (ZCI-SM-Bxx)
  • U.FL. Antenna Connector + USB-B Connector  (ZCI-UB-Bxx)
  • U.FL. Antenna Connector + USB Mini-B Connector  (ZCI-UM-Bxx)

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