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PLL - Phase-Locked Loop Experiment Board

Complete PLL system including crystal oscillator, pre-scaler, VCO, phase detector and divide-by-n circuit.
The PLL module is designed to function as a versatile platform that can be used to teach many aspects and applications of the basic PLL circuit. The module has an on-board reference oscillator, a pre-scaler, phase comparators, a VCO, a divide-by-n counter, a gated external input circuit, and a LP output filter. The complete circuit is fundamentally very similar to the ones used in all present-day frequency synthesized receivers and transmitters with digital tuners. Actual short-wave broadcast frequencies between the 120m – 11m bands can all be synthesized with the PLL circuit. With an external signal generator, PLL operation can be observed and analyzed in the entire 1 MHz - 20 MHZ band.
Board includes test points and configuration jumpers to reconfigure the circuit for different mode of operations and observe all relevant internal signals on the scope. The Challenge Module version allows redesigning the circuit for different operating parameters. The PLL design procedure supplied with the product can be used as a complete lab experiment where students can redesign the circuit, build it, and test the results in the lab. Level of the material (PLL Design and the User Manual) is suitable for both community colleges and universities. 

 DFS - Digital Frequency Synthesizer

A complete digital frequency synthesizer for experimentation in the 1 MHz - 20 MHz frequency band.
A Short-Wave HF synthesizer circuit is at the heart of the DFS module. The circuit is built around a VFO section controlled by a crystal oscillator, a pre-scaling divider, and a PLL circuit. This circuit is fundamentally very similar to the ones used in all present-day frequency-synthesized receivers and transmitters with digital tuners. Actual Short-Wave broadcast frequencies between the 120m – 11m bands can all be synthesized with the DFS circuit.
DFS module is also available as a "Challenge" version where critical circuit parameters (capture range, lock range, loop filter, settling time, etc.) can be re-designed easily. Students can be assigned to redesign circuit to determine the values of passive components mounted on single-pin sockets that control key functional parameters. Background material needed for these design steps is provided in the user manual and the data sheets.
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1Q - 2016
SFG set is made up of the SFG Control Panel application and the the SFM (Synchronous Frame Module) unit. It can generate a number of synchronous frame types, digital coding methods and bit coding methods that are traditionally very difficult to generate and experiment with in a classroom/lab setting:
  • Frame Types: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, FDDI, Frame Relay/SDLC, T1, WiFi, ZigBee
  • Signal Coding: NRZ, NRZI, MPE (Manchester), DME (Differential Manchester), AMI, and MLT-3
  • Bit Coding: 4B/5B 4-Bit / 5-Bit Translation, B8ZS Bipolar with Eight Zero Substitution and B6ZS Bipolar with Six Zero Substitution
  • Electrical:  TTL/CMOS, BiPolar
Generated signals can be also transmitted to other SFM units in RS485 signal format via an RJ45 connector. Together with the SFG Control Panel application, the SFM provides a number of additional output signals so that full or partial frames can easily be observed on a scope screen or a digital capture device. Graphical user interface helps to experiment with the frames and place them in context with respect to the OSI layers.
SFM has its own on-board USB module for connection to the PC and it supports power options that allow it to be powered from the USB bus, in addition to an external power source. 

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