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Project Kits:  Products in this group were originally designed (and has been used) as construction kits for Electronic Project courses in Educational Institutions. Because they are built with thru-hole components, they still hold their place as kits that can be built by students and hobbyists... All you need is a low-cost soldering iron with a serviceable tip.

 DFM - Digital Frequency Counter

A 70 MHz Frequency Counter for your Work Bench
DFM board is a compact circuit designed to measure frequency of signals from 1 Hz up to 70 MHz with 5-digit precision, down to a signal amplitude of 300 mV p-p in four ranges:
  • 10 kHz, 100 kHz, 10 MHz, 100 MHz
DFM requires a regulated power source of 4.5V - 5.5V DC.
Two LED lights on the left side of the display indicate if the frequency shown is in kHz or MHz. Proper gating/triggering of thecounter stage is indicated with the blinking LED.
A temp-controlled crystal time base oscillator assures frequency measurement accuracy better than 0.05% across the operating temperature range.
DFM is available as a Board Kit (blank PCB and the components) or as an assembled Lab Module (Assembled PCB, acrylic chasis, power posts) for educational institutions.
Please contact Unistep if interested. DFM is available but not stocked.       
DFM Board Kit - (DFM-K10) . . . . . . . .  $56.20 CAD
DFM Lab Module - (DFM-L10)  . . . . . .  $99.60 CAD 
User Manual


LPR - Logic Probe

A Handy Tool for Troubleshooting Digital Circuits

LPR is a logic probe that can be used to troubleshoot digital signals with both audio and visual indicators. This enables the user to trace and troubleshoot signals without taking his/her eyes off the circuit.

  • Indicate signal voltage levels
  • Indicate the presence of fast pulses with a pulse extender
  • Select between TTL and CMOS logic levels
  • Protection against reverse power supply connection
LPR is available but not stocked. Please contact Unistep if interested.             
LPR Kit - (LPR-K10) . . . . . . . . . . . $ 29.60 CAD

ECT - Experimentor Cable Tester

A Simple Tester for Testing Telephone and Ethernet Patch Cables
ECT is a simple but functional tool for testing telephone and Ethernet cables for open or shorted conductors inside the cable. Each of the 8 micro switches tests one conductor. LED indicators show if there's an open or short condition. By examining the LED pattern, it can be also decided if the Ethernet patch cord is wired in 'Straight Thru' or 'Cross-over' configuration.
ECT is powered by two internal AAA batteries. Circuit does not consume power when it is not being used
Kit includes the following:
  • Blank PCB
  • All components
  • ABS plastic case
  • Template for drilling the holes
  • User/Instruction Manual
ECT is available but not stocked. Please contact Unistep if interested.                   
ECT Kit - (ECT-K10). . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  $32.80 CAD
User Manual

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