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 FHS - Frequency-Hop Synthesizer

A unique teaching tool for demonstrating and working with FHSS systems
FHS module that can generate a frequency hop signal in the 1 - 20 MHz band with user controls for all common parameters that are part of any FHSS system. Physical output signal can then be fed to a spectrum analyzer for further analysis and experimentation.
Module and the associated Control Panel application program let the user set the following parameters:
  • Start Frequency: From 1.0 to 25.0 MHz in 0.1 MHz increments
  • Channel Width:  From 0.1 to 2.0 MHz, in 0.1 MHz increments
  • Hop Period:  From 0.1 to 3.0 seconds, in 0.1 s increments
  • Dwell Time: From 0.05 seconds to Hop Period, in 0.05 second increments
  • Hop Sequence: Six standard hop sequences within the Channel Group
  • Channel Group: Three Channel Groups of seven channels each 
In addition to capturing the parameters required for the FHSS operation, The Control Panel program also includes an animated Hop Sequence Table that shows the channel, frequency, and the hop sequence as the system is running in real time.
Module is connected to the PC and the Control Panel program through any available USB port. The program has facilities to show the available USB Com Ports and select the right one. 
The Challenge Module allows the VCO and PLL circuit sections to be redesigned for different operational circuit parameters by replacing the related passive components without requiring soldering or desoldering.

 ICL - Infrared Communication Link

Full-Duplex Infrared modem with customizable operating parameters.
The ICL module is a full-duplex modem that can establish wireless asynchronous communication between two PC’s using infrared light beams. The circuit works with the existing PC serial ports and only requires an external DC power source and a serial cable to connect to the PC. On-board RS-232 transceiver circuit carries out the conversion of the RS-232 signals and makes the ICL circuit transparent to the application controlling the serial port.
The infrared link is established by FSK modulation of an IR LED and the reception by a PIN diode. Two separate pairs of frequencies are used to provide the full-duplex link.
The Challenge Module allows the FSK and PLL circuit sections to be redesigned for different operational parameters (transmit frequencies, frequency shift, capture range, etc.) by replacing the related passive components without requiring soldering/desoldering.
Software application provided with the board (ICL Control Panel) can be used to demonstrate basic async serial communication concepts, test the board, and allow the students to experiment with the system and the concepts.


 ACS - Asynchronous Communication Set

Learning All About Asynchronous Communications.

This set is designed to serve as a versatile platform for teaching asynchronous communication concepts. It has special features that make it a very capable and unique educational tool. The ACS is made up two PCB modules. One of these, UAT (Universal Asynchronous Transmitter), is the transmitter module as the name implies, and the other, UAR (Universal Asynchronous Receiver), is the receiver module. Quite a few lab sessions can be based on different features of the set:

• TTL, RS-232, and fiber optic transmission facilities
• Agilent (former HP) Versatile Link fiber-optic transmission system components
• Communication at Baud rates of 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, and 57600
• Parity enable/disable and odd or even parity check selection
• 8-Bit character frames with 1 stop bit
• Parity and framing error indicator lamps
• LED indicators for digital input and output characters
• 16-Pin dual-row headers for all input and output data signals
• 9-Pin D-Sub RS-232 Interface for communicating with other serial devices
• All serial communication parameters set by configuration DIP switches
• Oscilloscope trigger output for stable display of async frames
• Four different modes of operation:
     a. Single character transmit
     b. Single character auto repeat transmit
     c. Continuous 8-Bit binary count
     d. Auto text message repeat
• Ready/Activity LED indicator
• Reverse polarity input power protection
• Fully socketed IC's
• Robust binding posts for power connection
• Vcc and Gnd power lines included in I/O headers for powering external circuits
• Screw-down terminal strips for robust connection of external signal wires



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