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Input/Output  Accessory Boards
These accessory boards are designed to interface directly with the 10-Pin I/O8  architecture found on our digital I/O controllers like the ZCI (for ZigBee Wireless), UDB (for the USB bus) and the TDB (for TCP/Ethernet networks). They provide I/O enhancement and additional control functionality that may not be available on the controller board, especially for industrial control applications.
They are all available as boards to be incorporated into other equipment , and also as standalone lab modules for educational use.
 TXB - Terminal Expansion Board     
Connect wires to the I/O8 ports of a controller
Expansion board facilitates connecting wires to the input/output ports of our I/O controllers thru sturdy plastic terminal blocks.
  • Terminals accept 16 - 24 AWG wire sizes
  • 8 terminal circuits for the I/O signals, 3 ground terminals, and one power terminal
  • Ground post for connecting the ground lead of a measuring device such as a scope or a multimeter or an oscilloscope
 PSM - Port Status Monitor     
View the logic state of the I/O channels with LED indicators even when other boards are connected to the I/O8 ports
Status monitor board connects across the I/O8 port and shows the logic state of all the I/O channels with buffered LED indicators. 
  • Pass-thru design lets the board be inserted between the controller and the external circuit
  • LED power indicator
  • For permanent installation, LEDs and the buffer circuit can be disabled with a jumper, without removing the board
  • Very small size (1.2" x 2.2")
 AIO - Analog I/O Board      
Eight (8) ADC and two (2) DAC channels for the I/O Controllers without analog inputs
For I/O controllers that do not have analog I/O capabilities, the AIO board provides 8 channels of 10 bit analog inputs and two channels of 12-bit buffered analog outputs. Communication with the A/D and D/A Converters is via the SPI interface of the I/O controllers already implemented in the firmware.
The 8 channels of the A/D, 2 channels outputs of the D/A, and all the VREF voltages are brought to screw-type terminal blocks for easy access. These terminal blocks will accept cables 0.5 – 2mm thick. The connection between the I/O24 module and the Analog I/O board is via an IDC link cable supplied with the board.
ROB - Relay Output Board    
Output power enhancement for I/O controllers through eight (8) relay outputs.
8 relays with both N/O and N/C contacts rated to 250V AC or DC at 5 Amps. It is possible to drive a multitude of devices with these versatile relays. Each of the 8 relays on the board has a matching LED to indicate its state.
The relay coils are powered from an external 12V DC source but are individually controlled by the buffered control signals from the I/O module. External power can be applied either through the binding posts from a lab supply or through the DC power connector from an AC/DC wall adapter.
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 IOC - I/O Combo Board   

I/O enhancement for I/O controllers with relay outputs and isolated digital inputs.

The board contains 4 Relay Outputs and 4 optically isolated input channels. The relay outputs have both Normally Open (N/O) and Normally Closed (N/C) contacts rated to 250V AC or 30V DC, both at 5 Amps. The relays’ coils are powered by an external 12VDC power supply that is capable of producing approx 350mA (about 80mA is required per active relay). The power supply is not provided with the board, but the Lab Module (‘LM’) version of the board has binding posts in addition to the  a 3.5 mm DC plug for easy supplying of the 12 V external power. The relay coils are controlled using the on-board ULN2003 driver via the I/O ports of the board. Each of the output port channels has an LED to indicate the relay output status.

The input channels are bridged wet contacts which are electrically isolated from all other channels and the I/O24 module. Each input channel also has a LED to indicate when a signal is present on the channel.
 OIB - Opto Input Board   
Input enhancement for I/O controllers with eight (8) optically isolated input channels.
8 optically isolated input channels to accept signals from 3-24V AC or DC. Each channel of the board is electrically isolated from all other channels and the I/O module, thereby providing isolated grounds to prevent incoming signals from interfering with each other or prevent damage the I/O module.
The board has a box header matching the connector of the I/O module. Each channel has an LED indicator to show the digital status.
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 ULN – ULN2803 Output Board  (ULN2803 Switch Board)   
Output Power Enhancement with ULN2803 High Voltage-High Current Drivers for UDB and EDB
The I/O 24 ULN2803 Switch Board is an accessory board that allows higher voltage and current devices to be interfaced to the low level logic provided by the I/O24 modules USB and IRP. The board contains a ULN 2803 IC and LED indicators to show channel Status.
The ULN2803 includes 8-bit TTL-input NPN Darlington current sinks. Each driver can handle a maximum of 500mA continuous (when using a single channel only) and can withstand a maximum 50V in its off state. This makes the ULN2803 well suited to provide an interface between the low logic level interfaces and higher current/voltage devices such as relays, solenoids, motors and lamps.

 CLB - Connector / LED Board   
Terminal expansion board with indicators for the I/O controller boards
This board is designed to facilitate easy connection of thicker wires to the I/O module or to provide a buffered visual indication of the states of signals on one of the 8-bit ports. This board can also be used as a status indicator board at a remote location by a control application. The driver circuit and the indicators are powered from the 5V supply on the I/O board.

 PSB - Push-Button / Slide Switch Board   
Input enhancement for the I/O controllers with push-button and slide switches.
This board is intended as a convenient input signal generation circuit to facilitate testing, debugging and troubleshooting while developing applications or other control devices. The board features 8 miniature tactile push-button switches and 8 slide switches.
Each of the 8 input channels has an indicator LED to show that the board is powered and the push-button switch or the slide switch is activated.

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